About Us

We love great craft beer. We want everyone to be as passionate about it as we are – and our bars are at the heart of that mission. You’ll help us deliver an amazing beer and customer experience every shift so, because we expect great things from you, we give great things back. 

HOP STOCK | We believe in sharing our success with our crew and have a unique Hop Stock benefit for our salaried team. That means you share in our success, and if we grow strongly, we win together.

UNICORN FUND | Our BrewDog Bars now share 10% of their profits with our fantastic crew. We’re setting the bar high for the hospitality industry and giving you even more reasons to do an amazing job.

Retirement (401k): BrewDog wants to make sure you, your family, and pups are covered long-term. Safe Harbor Matching Contributions: BrewDog matches 100% of your elected deferral, up to 6% of your compensation.

4-WEEK SABBATICAL| After every 5 years here you will receive an additional 4 weeks off to spend doing whatever you want.

STAFF DISCOUNT | 25% off in bars, 30% off online and 50% off BrewDog Merch to fill up your fridge and your wardrobe* (*don’t put your hoody in the fridge though)

BEER TRAINING | We love beer and we want you to love beer too, so we’ll support you through the internationally-recognized Cicerone qualifications, so you can love it almost as much as we do. We’ll also pay you more for each level you pass.

AND A LOT MORE | Okay, deep breath… enhanced sick pay, healthcare, life assurance, high street retail discounts, employee assistanceprograms, enhanced family friendly policies around maternity and paternity leave, holiday days per year, pawternity leave, DE+I and crew forum groups and a “shifty” crew beer at the end of every shift.

We’re also the world’s first carbon negative beer business. We’re focused on making sure that we, and future generations, have a planet to brew great beer on. Our industry leading techniques help us create and deliver unique beer whilst doing our bit (and others’) for the environment.

About The Role

We at BrewDog have one mission. We want to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. Our bars are at the forefront of that mission, delivering amazing beer & customer service at all times. And now, we’re looking for an Shift Lead to join our team.
In this role you’ll support the Manager of the running of this site, who will delegate their duties as they see fit. You’ll be the benchmark for customer service, leading by example & training others to give the best customer experience of all time. BrewDog’s goal is to be the best employer ever, so part of your role will be ensuring all of your team are happy, developing themselves, reaching goals & having fun.
You’ll be part of an experienced management team alongside a crew of passionate & confident individuals, made up of team in the kitchen, on the floor & behind the bar. Some with vast amounts of beer knowledge, some with years of customer service experience, some fresh into the industry. Your job is to be the glue that holds the team together & pushes them to be better every single day, and develop to the next stages of their career with us.

About You

In this role:

  1. You’ll lead the team during service as their main point of contact to resolve any issues or offer any support
  2. You’ll liaise between your department and others FOH to communicate guest needs, 86 items, booking notes amongst others.
  3. You’ll complete standards checks Pre/During/Post shift so the venue is set for service, Health & Safety protocols are being adhered too and action any issues that have arisen.
  4. You’ll set the venues atmosphere through lighting, music & television agreed plans.
  5. You’ll be responsible for your departments checklists & side work needs.
  6. You’ll lead the training for new employees & provide structured feedback to current & new staff
  7. You’ll provide feedback to department managers on staff, service needs & guest experience
  8. Report any issues across your department: POS, Menus, Maintenance
  9. Communicate to your department new menu items, promos, events, company communications


WE BLEED CRAFT BEER | This is our true North.
WE ARE UNCOMPROMISING | If we don't love it, we don't do it. Ever.
WE COUNT TIME IN DOG YEARS | We are ambitious. We are relentless. We take risks.
WE CHALLENGE EVERYTHING | We forge our own path.

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